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Leukemia For Twins and Stem Cells Solutions

Although there are no accurate data for concordance rates of leukemia in infant twins, anecdotally it seems to be exceptionally high, perhaps approaching one hundred percent that is, if one twin has it, unfortunately so will the other. If correct, this suggests that MLL gene fusion in utero has a dramatic impact, ensuring subsequent leukemia. But for children aged two to six years with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the concordance rate is considerably lower at around five percent. This still represents a one hundred fold extra risk of leukemia for the twin of a patient with acute lymphoblastic leukemia but also indicates the need for some additional postnatal event for which there is a one in twenty chance, or ninety five percent discordance. This suggests, at a minimum, a "two hit" model for the natural course of childhood leukemia.

If this model of leukemia development is correct, then, for every child with acute lymphoblastic leukemia diagnosed, there should be at least twenty healthy children who have had a chromosome translocation, a functional leukemia fusion gene, and a covert preleukaemic clone generated in utero. This possibility has been investigated by screening unselected samples of newborn cord blood for fusion genes. About six hundred samples have been screened, and around one percent have a leukemia TEL­AML1 fusion gene. This one percent represents a hundred times the cumulative rate or risk of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, indicating that the frequency of conversion of the preleukaemic clone to overt disease is low. The real bottleneck in development of acute lymphoblastic leukemia therefore seems to be a stringent requirement for a second "hit" after birth-that is, exposure and additional chromosomal or molecular abnormality.

A key issue to resolve is what exposures or events might precipitate the chromosome breaks whose improper repair initiates or promotes childhood leukemia. Given the biological diversity of leukemia, it is highly unlikely that there is a single cause. Even for a defined biological subtype of the disease, there probably is not one cause as such but a causal mechanism. As with other cancers, this is likely to involve an interaction of exposure, exogenous or endogenous, with inherent genetic susceptibility, and chance. Epidemiological evidence suggests that ionizing radiation; certain chemicals such as benzene, viruses, and bacteria may play a part in the development of some subtypes of leukemia and lymphoma in adults and children.
Whether any of these exposures have a major role in childhood leukemia is uncertain, but large scale case control molecular epidemiological studies in Britain and the United States may provide answers. The United Kingdom children's cancer study (UKCCS) seeks to address several hypotheses on different exposures, combined with definition of biological subtypes of disease and genetic studies. It and a parallel US study have already ruled out electromagnetic fields as a major factor in leukemia aetiology.

Having stem cells extracted from the cord blood at birth and stored in a cord blood bank or a stem cells bank is a way to protect your child from future diseases.

It can be very useful as it contains hematopoietic stem cells, progenitor cells. The stem cells in the cord blood are mainly used to treat blood and immune system related genetic diseases, cancers and blood disorders like diabetes or leukemia.

Wayne Channon, Director of Cells4Life Ltd, a Stem cell and cord blood storage expert.Stem cell and cord blood storage

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Aspartame and the Increased Risks of Lymphoma Cancer

According to the findings of a recent study conducted by the Cancer Research Center of the European Foundation of Oncology and Environmental Sciences in Bologna, Italy, the frequent use of aspartame considerably increases the risks of developing lymphoma cancers and leukemia. Although the long-term study was conducted exclusively on female rats, without involving the active participation of any human subjects, the results are still very conclusive: aspartame is a clear carcinogenic agent that has a major contribution in the occurrence and evolution of lymphoma. A very popular chemical sweetener used as a replacement for sugar-based sweeteners, aspartame is no longer considered to be harmless.
The Italian research team that has conducted the study on the effects of aspartame on long-term use has stated that this chemical sweetener should be completely withdrawn from the market, as it greatly increases the risks of cancerous diseases. In present, aspartame is extensively used worldwide, being a common chemical component of chewing gum, sweet beverages and a wide range of other products.
Another series of studies have confirmed the strong carcinogenic potential of aspartame, revealing the fact that the chemical actually damages DNA, increasing the risks of cancer and degenerative brain diseases on long-term use. According to the findings, this commonly used product facilitates the development of tumors at various levels of the body, being a serious risk factor for brain cancers. The theories on the pronounced carcinogenic potential of aspartame have been recently supported by statistic reports: the incidence of brain tumors among animals exposed to prolonged doses of aspartame has increased over 47 times. The strong carcinogenic character of aspartame is due to the variety of toxins it contains. Medical scientists have stated that aspartame was also known to be a very unsafe chemical in the past; despite this fact, aspartame has been further promoted as harmless for commercial reasons.
The continuously increasing incidence of brain cancers among the global population is also considered to be related with the frequent use of aspartame-based products. Oncologists have stated that nowadays the incidence of brain tumors is considerably higher than it was a few decades ago, before aspartame products became available on the market. Furthermore, the increased frequency of various rare lymphoma subtypes such as reticulum cell sarcoma, microglioma and histiocytic lymphoma in the last few years has also been influenced by the use of aspartame.
Although exposure to aspartame can be considered a serious risk factor of lymphoma and other similar malignant diseases, the exact way aspartame triggers the occurrence of such disorders is still unknown. It is believed that aspartame directly interferes in the genetic structure of the body, causing genetic anomalies that later lead to production of cancerous cells. However, further studies are needed in order to provide cancer specialists with additional data on aspartame and its malignant effects on the human body.
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So, if you want to find out more about symptoms of lymphoma or even about lymphoma cancer please visit this link http://www.lymphoma-center.com/

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The Target Of The Treatment In Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

Nowadays, cancer is one of the most serious problems in medicine.Specialists try to discover new treatments. In clinics, the patients with cancer that start a new treatment are closely followed. Physicians determine the optimal dose which have the minimal side effects and offers the most numerous chances of survival. Because doctors make often adjustments, the treatment given to the patients does not always match with the treatment that studies found it to be the most effective. That's why sometimes people receiving the treatment doesn't feel very well, even if that treatment is supposed to save their life. If the patients have to get chemotherapy it is very important to respect the recommended doses and schedule, and it is also important to know the reasons why this rules are not respected.
There are a lot of cases when different types of cancer, like breast cancer or even the Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma, are not correctly treated and it is not given the appropriate supportive therapy. It was proved that if those patients were treated appropriately and the treatment guidelines were followed, they would have a good chance of survival and possible cure.
The Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma is a very aggressive type of cancer or the most common type of lymphoma. In lymphomas are affected the lymph glands and nodes that are anywhere in the body. So this kind of cancer can occur everywhere in the body. There is also a Hodgkin's disease that can often occur in younger patients. The incidence of the Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma is bigger in older patients, most frequently around age 60, but latest it can occur in younger people too. There is no explanation why this is one of the cancers that affects more and more individuals over the last 20 years.
Even if it is a very aggressive form of cancer it is very responsive in treatment and potentially curable cancer, which is a resemblance with the Hodgkin's disease. An appropriate treatment can give the patients the chance to be cured and to live a normal life. This is justified for more than half of the patients.
So it was proved that the aggressive disease is more responsive to treatment which is a kind of a paradox which can be seen in many forms of rapidly growing cancers. The cells in this cancers are rapidly dividing, but they tend to be more responsive to treatment. The scientific explanation for this phenomenon is that the chemotherapy drugs are most active against rapidly growing cells.
The whole treatment in Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma can last for about four to five months. If there is an early stage disease, the patient may get a shorter course of chemotherapy. This method must be combined with radiation therapy to the affected area. Because the cancerous cells may be anywhere in the body the biggest part of the patients with cancer needs to be treated systemically with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is a combination of four or five drugs. The whole treatment program can run over a period of about four to five months.

Even if this form of cancer is a curable one, there are people with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma who being under-treated. This under- treatment means a substantial dose reductions or treatment delays during their chemotherapy. This is one of the reasons why some of this patients presents side effects and they don't get cured. It was proved in clinical trials that patients who receive the appropriate treatment do better than patients whose treatment is compromised by reducing the doses or not respecting the schedule. So the chances of long-term survival and cure are influenced by the way the treatments are being given.
There are some situations when reductions in doses of the treatment are unavoidable. This happens when there are older patients, or patients with a higher stage of disease, patients who aren't able to care for themselves. in this circumstances the treatment have to be delayed too.
The best moment to give the appropriate treatment are the early stages of the disease. Preventative care is very important. Specifically treatment to boost low white blood cell counts caused by chemotherapy, are more likely to receive the dose on time and to receive fuller dose intensity than those patients who didn't receive these agents. There many reasons,not only cancer, for which patients received these medications from the beginning.
Another cause of under- treatment is the situations when the patient doesn't tolerate the chemotherapy the way it was expected to be. So it increases the concern about side effects. There are situations when the reduction in dose of the treatment is established from the very beginning, before the patient had received any kind of treatment. This is a conscious decision of the doctor who consult the patient and gets to the conclusion that he won't tolerate the chemotherapy well. Other reductions in doses of the treatment occurs after starting therapy, because of the side effects. In this case reducing the dose is a strategy to reduce the side effects of treatment. This has negative results because it is very sure that to this patients the disease will come back months or years later.
Supportive care is very important. Older patients, patients who have more intensive symptoms from their disease or a higher stage of disease, need a type of a more aggressive supportive care. If they are supported in a right way it is also recommended to be treated the same as younger patients are. This increases their chances to be cured.When giving the supportive care it is important to analyze the risk factors. This are the patient's age that can easily lead to more side effects or in the most cases determine the physician to reduce the doses or schedule of the treatment, even before starting it. Giving the right supportive care enables the patients at a higher risk to receive the full treatment.
Supportive care helps physicians and patients with cancer to control nausea, vomiting and infections that can result because of the low white blood cell count. These are one of the most common side effects of the toxicity of the chemotherapy. Supportive care includes treatments that can improve the blood counts and also reduce the risk of infection. So if the patients seem not to tolerate the chemotherapy well, it is recommended to use the supportive care and not to modify the doses and schedule in treatment. This way the patient will be allowed to go through the full program.
There are different kinds of treatments available and it is very important for the patients recently diagnosed Non- Hodgkin's lymphoma to ask an oncologist about the side effects of those treatments and what can be done to diminish and to prevent them. It is very important for this patients to get the full treatment and to know that the target is to minimize side effects and to increase the effects of the appropriate treatment.
For more resources about lymphoma please review http://www.lymphoma-center.com/mantle-cell-lymphoma.htm or http://www.lymphoma-center.com/cutaneous-t-cell-lymphoma.htm
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Meet Hodgkin's Disease

Most people have certainly been hearing this term, lymphoma, from others. Some hospital-drama television series usually would have an episode where a patient is diagnosed with lymphoma and most of us are just left hanging on what it really is. Suffice it to say that probably, most are aware that it is a kind of cancer. Cancer in what organ or body part? Caused by what? Many people fall short of enough knowledge about this type of cancer. But no worries, they really can't be accused of apathy. Lymphoma is actually a very rare type of cancer so it is understandable that awareness on is not as prevalent as to other cancer types.
Lymphoma is considered as a collective term for a variety of cancer. This cancer type has its origin in the lymphocytes or histiocytes -- very rare from the latter, though. Lymphoma starts in a B cell in lymph nodes. The cancerous cells reproduce themselves over and over again. The presence of these unnecessary cells sets the ground for the formation of cancer. This is because these cells do not die; they are not needed by the body in the first place, and they spread to other areas, causing further harm.
There are five clusters of specific cancer types under the umbrella concept of lymphoma. The World Health Organization grouped these specific cancer types according to their cell types. The first one is the mature B neoplasms. Second is mature T cell and natural killer cell (NK) neoplasms. Third is the immunodeficiency-associated Lymphoproliferative disorders. Fourth is histiocytic and dendritic cell neoplasms. Last is Hodgkin lymphoma or more commonly known as Hodgkin's disease.
The most popular of all is the Hodgkin's disease. It is named after Thomas Hodgkin, who described the disease in 1832. Hodgkin's disease is characterized by the abnormal growth of cancer cells in the lymphatic system. Specifically, the Reed-Sternberg cells are the ones involved in Hodgkin's disease. This disease is very rare that it accounts for only one percent of the total cancer cases or one for every 400,000, at least in America.
The most common symptoms of Hodgkin's disease are swollen, painful or non-painful lymph nodes. The swelling usually occurs at the neck or nape, armpit, or groin. Some systemic symptoms like drastic weight loss, skin itching, low-grade fever, night sweats, and fatigue can also be indicative of a Hodgkin's disease case. Enlargement of the spleen, splenomegaly, and/or enlargement of the liver can also happen. People from the age range of 15 to 34, and above 55 are the ones most susceptible to develop Hodgkin's disease.
Just like the other kinds of cancer, the causes of Hodgkin's disease is still unknown. But the factor most likely to contribute to the development of it is genetics. People who have relatives, distant or immediate, have been inflicted with Hodgkin's disease or other types for that matter, are at a very high risk. A deteriorated or damaged immune system, from a previous ailment or operation, is also a very high risk factor. Gender is believed to play a role, too, since most recorded cases are with men.
Radiation therapy and chemotherapy are the usual treatments for Hodgkin's disease. Radiation therapy is a high technology option, which makes use of high-energy rays capable of damaging cancer cells to stop their growth. This treatment option is administered only in hospitals and clinics, and under the permission of an expert doctor. Radiation therapy is effective for treating cases still on the early stage. A frequency of five therapy sessions in every week for several months is the average treatment period using radiation therapy. Chemotherapy, on the other hand, involves the use of drugs to kill the cancer cells. A combination of different drugs, which can work together, is the usual procedure being given by doctors when using chemotherapy. The drugs can be taken orally, or injected into arteries or even muscles for faster travel inside the body. The most popular drug combination for chemotherapy is the adriamycin, bleomycin, vinblastine, and dacarbazine combination called the ABVD regimen. There is a very high chance that Hodgkin's can be treated, provided that it is detected at an early stage and treated immediately with the most appropriate treatment option. Records have it that early detection and appropriate treatment gives an 85 percent chance of survival and cure.
For more valuable information on infectious diseases and medical advances, please visit http://www.healthsnippets.com

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Benzene Related Diseases

Benzene Related Diseases - Leukemia
There have been documented dangers of benzene for well over a century now. Even though benzene exposure often leads to leukemia, there are also many non-cancerous diseases that have been shown when exposed to elevated levels of benzene. Some of these other diseases include:
Myelodysplastic syndromes: also called ‘pre-leukemia’, this is a collection of diseases resulting in diminished blood production and can weaken the immune system. This can result in leukemia.
Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma: this is a disease affecting the lymphatic systems and shares many similarities with leukemia. It can eventually affect the bone marrow in addition to other organs.

Aplastic Anemia: this is a condition where the marrow in the bone stops producing enough blood cells to replace lost ones.
Even though these diseases are not leukemia, they have strikingly similar resemblances. The victims who suffer from them many times can’t tell the difference. Even with proper care and treatment, victims of these diseases face an uphill battle exposed to pain and suffering.
To learn more about leukemia please visit our website at http://www.resource4leukemia.com
This article may be freely reprinted as long as this resource box is included and all links stay in-tact. Please visit our Leukemia information site at http://www.resource4leukemia.com
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Leukemia 101: What You Need to Know About

Cancer in any form is a deadly disease. But when it affects the most vital components of the body then their fatality increases manifold. One such type of cancer is cancer of the blood, technically known as leukemia. Blood is the most important tissue of the body. It is the connective tissue which carries and supplies oxygen and other vital elements to the remotest parts of the body. The importance of blood can be understood by the fact that it is the most important of all the connective tissues which provide the nutrients and other vital elements to the body.
The most dangerous feature of leukemia is that it is related to the blood which has access to almost all body organs including the all important brain and heart. The incidence of cancerous cells being carried to the different parts of the body increases drastically due to this fact. Another striking aspect of the blood cancer is that it affects the leukocytes or the “white blood corpuscles” of the blood. These are the ones that protect the body from external infections. Thus the immunity of the body is seen to decrease drastically due to leukemia. The main effect of the disease is that the body starts producing infected and abnormal cells that hinder the function of blood i.e. carrying of oxygen.

Cancer Curing Brain Theory Concept, Part III

Cancer Curing Brain Theory Concept, Part III
As I continue my theory on curing cancer I wish to further CYA my position. I am not a medical doctor, thank god actually, because the malpractice insurance would drive me nuts. Also since I am not in the medical field at all you cannot sue me for this idea, concept of mine. Now then continuing Part III.
Chemo that is directly induced where needed might work, but we have better technology now and could use specific fluid dynamic beams of energy or radiation pointed at the exact source and area or even non-evasive light. Now then here is some additional information: it is now possible to send thoughts by fax through three-dimensional spatial representation of the brain in hologram video. We have hologram faxing available and Brain Surgeons are using this to show damage in the brain. The guy who thought of it had my friend in Malibu working for his company in LA. Now they can transmit this data by fax, three-dimensional faxing, like sending a cad cam design computer, but you can now fax it with special machinery.
Now we maybe able to use this same idea to send a thought. This relates to my theory of cancer curing so follow along. Wow, eventually the devise would be very small the size of a dime or so to send and receive data or thoughts by way of this devise, this is way in the future, but it could be available to the common man in 20 years or so. Now before this technology gets this small and nano-tech achieves these seemingly impossible feats we can use the basic concept to record a thought for my cancer experiment.


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My Earth Angel Friend - Sherin - Surviving Terminal Lymphoma Cancer Story: The Lord Still Heals

The following "Medical Miracle Story" ezine article fits nicely into the "Rascal's Free Reprint Articles" section of my website Jesus4You.ws where it is an RSS Feed from my favorite article bank, EzineArticles.com.
For the telling my Earth Angel Sherin Story, I am going to use a complete e-mail that I sent to one of my down-line business partners, Marion, who assists me and my other new sign-up partners in two of our common Internet businesses.
Hi, My Ravishing Rascalette :)
We've got to get busy getting you into that red Ferrari, beautiful. I need to stay on tract once all of our elements are in place...LOL They're coming together ~ thanks to my Marvelous Maid Marion and OUR Savior who made this "Match Made In Heaven" a reality.
About the MySpace site: I like and want the VERY SAME background set-up as yours. I love the "Tropics" which it reflects :) I love you too, My Wonderful, Helpful Maid. If you can put the Kris Kristofferson video onto my MySpace profile (as you have on my AWESOME Direct Matches Business Profile that you created for me also), that would be a bonus!
I've just received a call from one of my former agents and former sister-in-law, Sherin. She will be coming by here in Vancouver, WA within the next couple of days and I'm sure that she will be signing up for GDI (Global Domains International). I'll place her under you, Cutie. You'll be helping Sher to set up her website. LOL. You'll love her, as I do you, "My Georgia Peach."
Probably, Sher will be signing up for DM (Direct Matches) also. She is a smart businesswoman and will recognize how valuable DM is when I let her see it via one of the banners waving at visitors to my website. LOL
Sher was diagnosed with "Terminal Lymphoma " and the Docs said that she would not make it. LOL That was about 17-20 years ago. With her sister ~ my then wife Vicki ~, I came over here to Vancouver to visit her obviously dying Sis'. Vick and I lived in Portland with our three children who were all school-age at the time. Cassie, our youngest daughter that we had together, had not yet arrived on this planet.
Anyway, Sherin was in her recliner ~ as she had been for a couple of weeks ~ unable to make it up the stairs to her condo's bedroom. I'd no sooner come in the door ~ that she had told my wife would be unlocked for us ~ than Sher asked me, "Honey, what would you do if you were me?"
I answered, "Sher, I'd get myself onto a plane and fly down to Oral Robert's City Of Hope Medical Center, in Tulsa Oklahoma, where I'd be surrounded by 'Spirit Filled' Dr's who would agree that I could live."
Sher said, "I've been reading here in this King James Bible where it says in James, "Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord. And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up. And if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven. ... What do you think of that?"
Sherin had the Bible open on the little table beside her recliner. She waited while I picked up the sacred book and read the scriptures myself. I was shocked! Not because the Bible said that she could be healed ~ but because my sister-in-law had a Bible. Like my wife, Sher had been raised in an abusive Mormon home. Neither one of them had wanted anything to do with that church or any other one.
To answer her question, I said, "That's what it says, Sher."
Immediately, she said, "I haven't ever been to a real church. Do you know of a minister that would be willing to come over here and pray for me?"
"I think that I know of ONE," I replied. "Payton Hudson! This is Sunday, he may still be at his church... It's noon... That's about the time the congregation got out last week ~ when I went alone again. Vicki went to another church last week, because she doesn't like Payton's church. She says it too noisy."
Sher handed me her telephone and asked, "Will you try to call him for me?"
I did call, right then, and Payton's wife answered telling me that the service had just ended. Geri' said that she'd get her husband to talk with me before they went to lunch. Payton was soon on the telephone and I told him briefly why I had called.
"Sure, Brother!" Paton said ~ with confidence."Let me talk to her."
I handed the phone back to Sherin. They set up a time for him to bring a couple of ladies from his church with him ~ to pray for my sister-in-law's healing ~ the coming Tuesday.
I didn't see Sher for two weeks. When I did come back, she was still sitting in that same recliner. Gray in her color, she looked almost dead.
"I've been Healed," Sher told me. "That minister, his wife, Geraldine, and another lady named Vickie Adams came over and they 'Layed hands' on me. I accepted Jesus as my Savior and my healing. They all three "Layed hands" on me. The next day, I went to see my Dr. ~ the cancer specialist ~ to tell him. He said I can' be. But I know that I'm healed. Honest!"
Sherin sure didn't look healed. All I could say was, "Great, Sher. I'll agree with you. You're healed!"
Then she hit me with the hard one. "The doctor said I am too far gone to start chemo'. That it was an unlikely option for anyone with a condition this far advanced ~ even if I had started when he had advised me too ~ anyway. I declined when he wanted me to start it 'Right away' about three months ago. Honey, what would you do if you were me?"
"WOW, Sher!" I said, my not-long-a-Christian-myself head spinning. "Let me think about this a minute... I've got to use your can... I'll be right back..." I didn't want to be asked a question like that. Getting up off of the couch ~ I started walking down her hallway toward the bathroom. I was talking frantically to The Lord in my head.
"WHAT?" I ask Him, "What do I say?"
As clear as could be, Jesus answered me audibly: "I walked on water."
That didn't make any sense to me. I was frustrated. I almost yelled out loud, "I know that! Why are telling me this NOW?"
Jesus answered me again, ever so calmly, yet once more in an audible voice, " Yes son, I walked on water, but usually ~ when I wanted to cross the lake ~ I took a boat..."
Now, I'm not that smart, Marion. Instead of continuing to the toilet, I stopped... I understood... abruptly, I turned around and walked back over to Sherin who had notice my strange movements.
"Sher," I said, "Go tell your Doc that you want to start your chemotherapy. OK, so your hair will fall out... I agree with you that you're healed, but there must be some people at that hospital ~ and your Doctor ~ that need to be shown what Our Lord can do. Maybe, it's some patients that you need to 'Witness' too?" I don't remember using Sherin's bathroom before leaving.
Well, the following day, her mother found Sher in the recliner ~ slipping into and out of consciousness. Her tiny mother picked up her limp, dehydrated, starving daughter's body and carried her out to her own car. Then, she drove Sher to the hospital ~ where she was informed that she could not make the decision to have them begin Chemotherapy for her adult daughter. Sher returned to consciousness just long enough to authorize Chemo' ~ after asking three people who she loved ~ that were at her bedside ~ and then went unconscious again.
Chemotherapy was started immediately. They didn't believe that Sherin would even survive the 1st session. Well, she did! LOL She went on to endure a lot of miserable times ~ and her hair did indeed fall out. When she was totally cancer free ~ Sher's hair grew back ~ curly :) If you ask Sherin how she survived "Incurable" Cancer, she will tell you that God healed her. "Jesus paid for my healing over 2,000 years ago. Yeah, I had to go through some horrible, miserable times ~ but Jesus gave me the strength and even the faith to get through it all."
The very last time that I talked to my friend, Sher, about it, she said, "You know, Honey, I don't even remember you and Vicki coming over to see me ~ the day before I started Chemo'. I don't remember very much about that whole last week, even."
Well, I sure will never forget it. Until very recently, it was the only time that I had ever heard My Lord speak to me in an audible voice. It is incredible how very calm that Jesus sounds when we are in a frenzy.
While wearing a turban, Sherin went back to college. She just decided that she would further her education while she was surviving "Terminal cancer." At about 40 years of age ~ Sher earned a bachelor's degree in speech ~ and went on to become a very successful real estate agent.
She has since traveled and cruised all over the world. Last year ~ for a high school 'Graduation present' ~ Sher fulfilled her promise to one of her gran-daughters, Jenny, that they would go to Europe after she graduated. LOL
Some years ago ~ after I'd opened my own real estate brokerage ~ Sher obtained her "Broker's License" too. Rather than open her own brokerage, she became my most productive Associate Broker, and she managed my office for me when I wasn't there ~ like when I'd intended to open another real estate brokerage in another state.
I returned to WA state from AZ, because Sher's sister had taken our daughter with her when she, Vicki, informed me that she didn't like it Arizona, that our daughter hated the new school, and she had left me in AZ. LOL After thinking about it for a few weeks, I decided that my wife and 3rd grade daughter were up in Washington ~ and that must be where The Lord wanted me to be ~ for he time being too.
I drove back to find that my wife already had obtained an apartment for just herself and my daughter. LOL And Vicki informed me that she wanted a divorce. Washington, like most states, has a 'No-fault' divorce option which we elected to exercise. I rented my own place ~ visited Cassiopeia on weekends ~ and concentrated on my real estate business.
A few months later, Sherin and I decided that ~ since we were good friends ~ we could share a nice, 2-bedroom apartment here in Vancouver, WA. We resided together until I bought another large house and moved her sister with my youngest daughter in to share it with me. Yes, Sherin was a very good 'Roomie' besides being a 'Great Realtor.' LOL
During our time living and working together, Sher and I had some good laughs, too. She's a 'Crack-up." Sher knows no fear. I used many of the delightful characteristics that I found in my former sister-in-law as the basis of a character that I created in my mystery novel ~ FOR SALE BY OWNERS:FSBO ~ which I later wrote and published.
Seeing that I was severely depressed ~ suffering the effects of selling my real estate brokerage because of the debilitating impact of my too-bad-to-deny-any-longer MS (Multiple Sclerosis) ~ Sher had bought me a book on how to write and sell your first novel ~ hoping that I would take the bait and overcome my great depression. LOL It worked, for which I am deeply indebted to my sensitive Earth~Angel friend.
Some of my most fond memories of my times with Sher involve when we went to Europe together ~ on a month-long vacation that we both enjoyed. That was long before I had EVEN admitted that I had MS (Multiple Sclerosis) ~ although many of the mid-stage symptoms were obvious. Probably, it was another six years or so before I was "Cured" of that "Incurable Dread disease." Sherin is a trouper! I believe ~ with all of my heart ~ that Sher is also an Earth Angel.
When she comes over in the next couple of days, My Maid Marion, I'm going to help Sherin to understand that she is an Earth~Angel and that she needs to get busy with us on doing The Lord's work while becoming rich via His easy way that He's shown me for is elect chosen. Please agree with me in prayer, Marion, that Sherin will accept His commission ~ as she accepted His provision to be healed of "Terminal Lymphoma."
Well, my married maiden, this got so long that I will use it in a new ezine article which I plan to submit when I awaken after taking a now needed nap :)
I love you, My Ravishing Earth~Angel Rascalette :)
~Rub-it "My Earth Angel Friend - Sherin - Surviving Terminal Lymphoma Cancer Story Appears"~
Rascal :))
Rascal Russ Miles is an Apostle. Called by The Lord, as was the Apostle Paul, Rascal is in the same apostolic calling order as was his brother, Paul the Apostle. Rascal is The Lord's playfully mischievous apostle. Rascal's calling includes the assignment to "Shout from the rooftops the Lord's inspired messages vie ezine articles."
Under his pseudonym, Russ Miles, Rascal's credits include publishing the mystery novel, For Sale By Owners:FSBO. Order toll free 1-800-AUTHORS or through Amazon.com
A "Seasoned Real Estate NAR Broker," Rascal Russ was ~for 5 hard years~ increasingly disabled by "Incurable" Multiple Sclerosis. Now "Cured", Rascal writes books & articles on varied subjects. Comments: Rascal.Miles@Gmail.com.
Via his personal Rascal's website, http://www.MilesBooks.com, "Rascal's Blog", & his ezine articles themselves, Rascal maintains personal contact with those that e-mail him, and those whom he believes the God of this Universe has joined together with him as per "Destiny's Plan Of Salvation For The Planet Earth"
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